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At Oral Facial Surgical Arts, our patients are our number one priority, which means that we offer unparalleled customer service. We’re also conveniently located with two locations to serve you in Orlando and Clermont, Florida. Dr. Achong, our board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, trained at Harvard and is actually licensed as both a DMD (Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry) and an MD (Medical Doctor).

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Another 5 Star Review for Dr. Achong

THE TALE OF WOE: Jaw locked. Went to dentist and had painful x-rays done. Told I had a “little infection” in my tooth and I’d have to have it extracted by an oral surgeon. THE UH-OH FACTOR: Unfortunately, the following day, I began to get very sick and was riddled with pain; I thought my head would explode. I went to the E. R. where I learned I had a life threatening infection; as they explained it, “knocking at the door of my heart!” I was admitted to the hospital immediately! By then, I resembled the “Elephant Man,” with severe swelling, a high fever, etc. By Day Four, the wonderful staff and infectious disease doctors at South Lake Hospital had me feeling much better and looking normal once again. When released, I was told to get the tooth extracted… immediately. The defamation had hit the ventilation, folks. Bravery in a dentist’s chair does not describe me; not at all! ENTER THE HEROES: I called several oral surgeons, but finally spoke with a young lady named Yolanda. She was the only person I had called that showed sincere empathy to my fear without making me feel like an idiot for being a coward. She gave me price quotes, told me what was involved; the twilight sleep, etc. I reiterated again how terrified I was of dentists (to make sure they knew what they were “dealing” with). The appointment was made and I walked into Oral Facial Surgical Arts to meet this magical oral surgeon who would pull off this impossible feat; extraction from an extreme coward. Enter the magnanimous Dr. Achong. Dr. Achong was immediately likable in his demeanor, his knowledge, and his professionalism. He was very considerate of my physical and emotional pain and fear. Then, very gently, he said I had two infected teeth that needed to be extracted; there was a second abscess forming on the other side of my face as well. I felt the panic beginning to rise up inside, but he calmly continued explaining the procedure and assuring me with his words and tone that all would be well. The good Doctor had my trust by the end of the conversation. I was scheduled for the extractions the next day at 8:00 A.M. THE DAY OF RECKONING: My Mom and my sister came with me for support (and to drive me home). He came into the exam room, they gently inserted the I.V. for the sedation, and Doc said, “Good night!” The next thing I knew; “Badda-Bing; Badda-Bang; Buddafooko;” it was over and done with! I was amazed, to say the least. I followed all of the instructions; only liquids at first, then soft foods; I took my medications as directed. The healing process was amazing; I will tell you with all honesty, I did not suffer; not at all! Pain was so minimal; it was practically not there; I swear on my life! Talk about impressed!!! AND my jaw works again! My follow up appointment with Doctor Achong was a breeze; everything looked great and is healing well! Folks, I would go back to this doctor and his staff in a heart-beat! They are excellent people and excellent professionals! Trust me…when it comes to dentists, I am the epitome of cowardice; it goes back to my childhood with a bad dentist and I never forgot it. But Doctor Achong and his staff will earn your trust and your admiration as they did mine!

5 Out of 5 Stars

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