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Dental Implants

Problems with missing teeth.

Missing Teeth. Big Problems. If you have a missing tooth or missing teeth, there may be problems that you may encountered. So you got a missing tooth or a few missing teeth, what is the big deal? One of the main problems with missing teeth is that the adjacent and opposing teeth will shift and/or […]

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Bone loss problems and missing teeth

Why you should not ignore missing teeth? You may have a missing tooth or several missing teeth.   So what?  There are many other teeth in your mouth.   What is the big deal? Missing Teeth = Loss of Jaw Bone = LOOKING OLDER When a tooth is removed, the jaw bone in this area […]

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Mini Dental Implants

What are mini dental implants? Mini implants are used to stabilize denture and can allow you to throw away those messy denture adhesives. The procedure is minimally invasive, making for a quick and less painful implant. Mini dental implants should be considered if you have or are going to have dentures. Why MDI Mini Dental […]

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How good is your dental implant dentist?

Dental implant dentist? There may be the situation where you are missing one, a few, several or all your teeth.   You have tried dentures and are tired of the plastic removal teeth.   Dental bridges may be a good option to replace some teeth but they break down after a while.   One of the best options […]

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Loose Dentures or problems with your dentures? Consider Dental Implants

Problems with Dentures The video shows a denture wearer explaining the problems of dentures. After dental implant treatment, he describes how his life has changed. 1) Recurrent painful sore spots.   Dentures eventually become loose as the underlying jaw bone  resorb or “melt away”.   Loose dentures constantly rub against the gums especially when chewing […]

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What is a denture and it’s benefits?

Complete Dentures If you’ve lost all of your natural teeth, whether from periodontal disease, tooth decay or injury, complete dentures can replace your missing teeth and give you back your smile. A complete dentures are removable prosthetics that are a full set of “false” teeth.   Sometimes they are called plates.  Complete dentures replace a full […]

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Dental Implant Cost in Orlando

Tooth implants are typically more expensive than traditional tooth or teeth replacement alternatives (dental bridges and dentures). Some dental insurances may have dental implant treatment coverage but coverage is often limited. Usually, there may be a maximum insurance allowance of $1000 to $2000 annually on dental work. However, it is important to verify with your […]

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What is a dental implant made of?

Dental implants are titanium post that replaces the roots of teeth. The dental implant is shaped like a small screw and is surgically placed in the jaw bone to serve as an anchor for future teeth. Often, placement of a single dental implant is painless and quick. A single dental implant can be used to […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore A Missing Tooth

Missing tooth?  Once you lose a tooth, the immediate solution is to replace it, especially if it is a front tooth.  The options to replace a missing tooth are a partial denture, bridge or a dental implant.   But what happens, when you lose a tooth that is not visible whey you smile?  The tendency […]

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