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Teeth Removal including wisdom teeth

How to Remove Wisdom Teeth

Some of you may be curious about how impacted wisdom teeth are removed.   How does the oral surgeon get down into the bone and remove a tooth that is deep under the gums and surrounded by bone?  The following diagrams will clearly explain the procedures. Wisdom Teeth Position Wisdom teeth can be present in various […]

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Wisdom Teeth – What’s the Big Deal?

Summer is almost here and many families take some time off for a well deserved vacation.   Congratulations!  Some families may use the available time in summer to have their wisdom teeth removed (recommended by their doctor). The removal of wisdom teeth to some is an elective procedure and not a necessary one.  Often, wisdom teeth […]

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wisdom teeth can cause shifting of your teeth.

Can Wisdom teeth cause shifting of other teeth? Shifting of teeth – the pressure from erupting wisdom teeth can cause shifting of teeth eventually disrupting the natural alignment of your smile. What if you had orthorthodontic treatment (which is $$$$) and you now have the perfect smile? Your teeth are perfectly aligned and white. You […]

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How Many Wisdom Teeth Can You Have?

The number of wisdom teeth that are present in your mouth can range from none to multiple. However, the average number of wisdom teeth present is 4. Guess how many wisdom teeth is in this patient (see xray below)? If you look carefully, there are actually 8 wisdom teeth. Yes 8! There are 3 on […]

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What Happens After Wisdom Tooth Removal

The removal of wisdom teeth is a common and routine procedure. Many family or cosmetic dentists can perform this procedure. Oral surgeons are specialized in the removal of wisdom teeth or any teeth in the mouth. So now that your wisdom teeth are removed what should you expect? Here are some questions you may have. […]

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Should You Be Sedated For During Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Your wisdom tooth or teeth may need to be removed for many reasons: presence of a infection, presence of a cavity, cracked, orthodontic reasons, pathologic reasons, gum disease, crowding of your teeth, compromise of the adjacent teeth or preventative reasons. Your dentist probably explained why you needed to have your wisdom teeth removed for some […]

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wisdom teeth removal aftercare

Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftercare Congratulations on having your wisdom teeth removed.   Great job!   Now here are a some things to consider.  Often the recovery from wisdom teeth removal is smooth as long as you follow after care instructions.   If you had sedation for wisdom teeth removal, you may experience nausea or vomiting […]

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