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Dental Implant Cost in Orlando

Tooth implants are typically more expensive than traditional tooth or teeth replacement alternatives (dental bridges and dentures). Some dental insurances may have dental implant treatment coverage but coverage is often limited. Usually, there may be a maximum insurance allowance of $1000 to $2000 annually on dental work. However, it is important to verify with your dental insurance carrier if the annual allowance includes dental implant services.

Single Tooth Implant Cost


Cost of Additional Procedures


Average Multi Implant Cost


Often patients wonder about the cost of dental implant treatment. For a single replacement tooth dental implant, there are 3 separate parts: the dental implant, the abutment and the crown. Each part usually have 3 separate charges. Sometimes there may be additional cost to treatment besides the dental implant and the new teeth. For example, there may be the cost of bone grafting for the dental implant to be stable or the cost of temporary teeth (to be worn while the dental implant(s) are healing in the jaw bone). Other unexpected cost may be a CT scan which is a 3 dimensional radiographic scan of the jaw bones.

The cost of dental implant treatment depends on a number of factors:
1) what dentist or surgeon you go to. More experienced or established doctors may charge more.
2) the type of dental implant and procedure recommended
3) the number of dental implants required to support the teeth
4) insurance coverage, if any.
5) if bone grafting is required for the dental implant to be stable
6) the type and quality of teeth that will be attached to the dental implant(s)
7) if gum grafting around the dental implant is recommended

After a detailed examination by your dentist an estimate of the recommended treatment will be provided. Often a CT scan will be recommended to determine the bone volume at the potential dental implant sites.

The data below was taken from The cost and range of prices of various types of treatments across the United States are provided.

There is significant variability on the cost of dental implants, teeth and additional procedures throughout the United States. One major factor is choosing an experience dentist(s). You do get what you pay for. Research your dental implant dentist(s) online or by asking friends and/or families.

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