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When it comes to letting somebody perform surgery on your mouth, it can be difficult to know who to trust. Always check for patient reviews, testimonials, and positive reviews on sites like Google+. It’s important to know that your surgeon is trusted by their current patients.

Here at Oral Facial Surgical Arts, Dr. Achong and his team strive to provide the best customer service possible, but you don’t have to take our word for it. You’ll find several videos on this page for your viewing. Most of them are testimonials, but a few of them are videos about some of the services we offer. If you enjoy these videos, we invite you to visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see more patient testimonials and other videos.

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I wore an upper denture for 23 years. Hard to chew, mostly in the front, could not eat everything I wanted. I started having stomach problems. I wanted that permanent smile that I use to have. Before I didn’t like meeting new people because I was conscious of my smile. I had to cut my food up real small and take small bites and chew. If I was having a conversation with someone, I would put my hand over my mouth because I didn’t want them to see that I have missing back teeth. Sometimes the upper denture will slip when I would be talking. Now I eat what I want and smile when I want. I would recommend Dr. Achong to anyone who needs treatment. He changed my whole life. Everything is better for me. Everything.


“My teeth had gotten to the point where I was limited to soft foods, mash potatoes, oat meal, grits . You do that on a daily basis for a long period of time it affects your body, well being and health. I lost an incredible amount of wait. It limited my social interaction with people because I was terrified to smile. Limited social ability to go out to dinner with other people my wife and I, and I would have to decline. I hate the plates because I had to use the cream. Now, I am enjoying life again, I can be active, I can be social, I can laugh and smile. It is a dramatic difference in my life. I am able to taste and eat anything now.”

“My upper bone started deteriorating a few days years ago and I was told that someday something had to be done about it. When it came time to have the teeth removed and put in the implants, it made a world of difference. …………….when I smile it was going off to the side because I had a huge gap on the other side. ………………. I worn dentures for a long time. But then I was really losing a lot of my jaw bone, so I was having a harder time with them. But I feel more confident that nothing will move around and come loose because of the implants. I am blown away by the lack of maintenance that she has to do now…………. I was very satisfied with the treatment that Dr. Achong did, he was kind, gentle and reassuring and very patient and I felt so calm when I came in. I just knew things would work out great. Dr. Achong is top notch, there is no doubt about it. Both my wife and I have been treated by him…….”


“When I sleep at night I grind my teeth. I fractured my tooth. Anytime I ate something sweet, hot or cold, it will cause me pain. I didn’t smile as big because you can see the space on that side of my mouth. My dentist recommended a bridge which will hurt the adjacent teeth which I did not want to do. I knew about dental implants so I called Dr. Achong. I did research on google and when I came across Dr. Achong’s website, I realized he has gone to Harvard and he is a board certified oral surgeon. When I first arrived at Dr. Achong’s office I was nervous. When I met Dr. Achong he explained everything and I was very much at ease. I was very satisfied with the treatment Dr. Achong has provided for me. It changed my attitude. I am able to smile big and give presentations with confidence. I would recommend dental implants to everyone who needs them. It doesn’t hurt, it feels natural and it is easy.”

“Now I have dentures and the biggest problem is the embarrassment. You can’t eat, laugh the way you want, you can’t speak. When you got dentures you don’t know when they will come out. You got to keep you tongue pushing the top part of the dentures and that is terrible. You can’t bite into things as you would like to, meats, poultry are hard to eat. Corn on the cob, forget about it! Having dentures and meeting people you got to be brief. It is not fun anymore. You do more listening with dentures……….. I have been living with dentures for 5 years and I met Dr. Achong and he suggested dental implants.
It has been 3 months now that since I had the implants, I won’t trade it for the world. They are exactly what I should have done years ago and I am very happy. I am happy, I feel great, I can smile, I can eat what I want.”


Here is a video testimonial about a patient’s experience that had a cracked front tooth replaced with a dental implant. A dental bridge or a partial denture are acceptable options. But dental implant treatment have significant advantages.


“I had the bridge for many years and it broke. Struggled through it for months trying to keep it in place. Couldn’t eat properly and worry about it falling out…….. There was not enough of the original teeth to support another bridge. In terms of a denture, I had removal appliances before, they are just not comfortable and unpleasant. I wanted something that was natural. There is no other option other then implants. I couldn’t eat anything on the right side of my mouth……….. During the whole process I didn’t really experience anything unpleasant. The outcome was nothing more than fantastic.”


“It was much more uncomfortable when I had my bridge in. I knew I couldn’t have false teeth. I didn’t want to spend the money to have dental implants. But after thinking about it, I realized that will be the best way to go……

(Patient now had the dental implant procedure). It was simple, very easy, I woke up and it felt like 2 sec. I never had any pain…….

It is like having your own teeth, the best part is that you can’t get cavities on dental implants. They are like having your own teeth. The one thing I like to do with my life is smile and I can smile and feel good about it. For 5 months I couldn’t smile, I had to smile with you mouth closed. And it will be so phony, it didn’t fell right, it didn’t feel like me. Everything now is so much better. I am glad I had them done.”


“It was terrible, I won’t smile, I would always had my hand in front of my face when I was talking to people. I won’t carry on conversations, I would listen. I was very self conscious about them.

Most of the pictures you seen before, I would never smile. I was ready to have something done. I was going to get dentures. Before, we went to another dentist and talked about implants, and he said, I couldn’t not have implants because I did not have enough bone.

From start to finish it was great. I was scared, I didn’t know what was going to happen. Talking to Dr. Achong and his staff, they make your fears less and you feel really comfortable. My son got married in June and I smiled the whole time. The pictures showed me smiling. My family said my teeth are beautiful and it made me feel awesome. It is life changing. It was the best thing I ever did. It is 100% worth it!”


“I would say I have less pain here than my regular dentist. I had pain pills but I never needed them. I am very happy that I had my dental implants. I recommend him to anybody……….. There was a time I was chewing everything with my front teeth and that was very embarrassing. Now I couldn’t even tell you which are the implants and which are the normal teeth. Once the implants are in, that’s yours for life. Dr. Achong treats you like a person, he takes a personal interest in how you respond. I won’t hesitate to recommend him to anybody.”
“My teeth were broken and they had to be removed. With missing teeth you have to eat much slower. You can choke if you don’t chew your food properly. The #1 concern was being able eat food properly and to have a mouth full of teeth that worked. The easiest decision for me was to have dental implants. Life is short, you need to get over your fears. Think how much better you will look, feel and enjoy food more. It’s worth it.”