How do you know how good your dentist is? Look at patient reviews.

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How do you know how good your dentist is?

If you have problems with your teeth, you will need to see a dentist and sometimes and oral surgeon. But how will you know how good is the dentist? One of the best ways to know is to talk to a person who has been treated by that dentist about their experience. A reference from a trustworthy person about the dentist is invaluable. However, sometimes you may not know anyone who has been treated by the dentist that you are interested in visiting.

Another way to gauge if this dentist may have potential, is to read online reviews. Reliable review sites present are healthgrades and google. Below are some examples of reviews written about Dr. Achong.

“Dr. Achong recently removed all four of my wisdom teeth and I just have to say the procedure was very quick, painless, and safe. It was my first time getting surgery and Dr. Achong explained that my wisdom teeth were all sideways and very low in my gums pushing against my teeth meaning that they were “the worst of the worst.” But I can say that it was a success and there’s nothing to worry about because your in great hands. He really took the time to extract the teeth with care and no harm to any nerves even though they were sideways really low. If you ask me I’d say he’s the best choice for oral surgery!” Nick Ramphal

“I was experiencing a horrible pain from an impacted wisdom tooth that was beginning to erupt, I called around and was only able to get an appointment 2 weeks from the date I had called. I called Oral Facial Surgical Arts in Clermont and they were able to get me in for an evaluation that same day and scheduled my surgery for the following week. I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed and experienced VERY minimal pain the first day. The following day, I had absolutely no pain (didn’t even have to take my pain medication) I went back for my follow up and everything was healing the right way! Dr. Achong and his team were very helpful and kind! I highly recommend them for wisdom teeth extractions!”

“ok so I really nervous about getting my wisdom teeth removed. but once I met the nurses and Dr. Achong I wasn’t all that nervous anymore. they all were really nice explained everything that was going to happen, and all my nerves went away. after the extraction I felt fine wasn’t in any pain at all. this place is really great. if you need your wisdom teeth remove I would so come here.”

“Dr. Achong is a master of his craft. I came in with five wisdom teeth, yes five wisdom teeth, and Dr. Achong had no problem taking care of each one of them. One of them was close to a nerve but that was no issue for Dr. Achong. I experienced minimal discomfort after the operation and recovered quickly. All of the staff were friendly and helpful at every step of the process. From the brief wait times to the level of detail Dr. Achong takes to explain and ease your worries during the consultation/follow-up, Oral Facial Surgial Arts makes the patient experience a great one. I was picky when it came to choosing which oral surgeon I was going to trust with my wisdom tooth extraction since the one I was initially referred to had poor reviews; I’m really fortunate to have found Dr. Achong. He’s a well trained professional. I highly recommend Dr. Achong and Oral Facial Surgical Arts when it comes to looking for a trustworthy oral surgeon to remove your wisdom teeth.” Will Yang

These reviews are from the google + page of Dr. Achong.

Orlando Maxillofacial Surgeon

Written by Ronald M. Achong DMD, MD (Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon)    Offices Orlando and Clemront.     352-243-5599

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  • Tishwonda Wallace

    My surgery went very well. Glad I was referred to this office. Staff was very pleasant and professional. If I had to do it all over again I would. Thanks to all staff for making my visit a memorable one.

    • Ronald Achong

      Thank you for the great comments on our oral surgery office in orlando. We appreciate the kind works. Oral Facial Surgical Arts.

  • Richard Stelter

    My dentist told me, to remove my tooth it would need to be broken into pieces. My dentist couldn’t do this, I needed a specialist. I’m so glad I went to Dr.Achong, he gave me one shot to numb & within three minutes my tooth was out with NO PAIN. It was one of the easiest procedures I have ever had. Thank You Doctor

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