How Many Wisdom Teeth Can You Have?

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The number of wisdom teeth that are present in your mouth can range from none to multiple. However, the average number of wisdom teeth present is 4. Guess how many wisdom teeth is in this patient (see xray below)?
Orlando Wisdom Teeth Extractions
If you look carefully, there are actually 8 wisdom teeth. Yes 8! There are 3 on the top left side, 2 on the bottom left jaw, 2 on the top right jaw and 1 on the lower right jaw. If you have 4 wisdom teeth, consider yourself lucky.

However, four can be painful and cause issues within your mouth. Remember you do not have to be in pain. Give us a call to see what we can do for you!

Writtern by Dr. Ronald Achong DMD, MD. 352-243-5599

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