I need a tooth or teeth removed. What should I do?

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Orlando teeth removal

You have a tooth or teeth that need to be removed, what now? There are many reasons why a tooth or teeth need to be removed: fractured root, infection, large cavity, persistent pain, severe gum disease, orthodontic reasons and pathologic reasons. It is natural for patients to feel anxious and apprehensive for such a procedure. Here are some advice on how to prepare for your visit.

Ask your dentist or oral surgeon all your questions. Discuss, the tooth removal procedure and any health issues ahead of time. Here are some questions to consider.

1) What type of anesthesia do you recommended? Is sedation available?
2) Why does the tooth need to be removed? Is there a treatment that can save the tooth?
3) How many teeth need to be removed?
4) What can I expect after the procedure?
5) How much pain should I expect after the procedure and what type of pain medication do you recommended?
6) How many days should be taken off work or school?
7) What is the insurance coverage for the procedure?
8) Should an adult who can drive escort me to the appointment?
9) What type of tooth or teeth replacement options do you recommend?
10) How long is the procedure and what should I expect during the procedure?
11) What type of medications do I take or not take before the procedure (if any)?

These questions will help you be well prepared for the procedure and help plan for the recovery afterwards. This process will greatly reduce the anticipation and anxiety of the procedure.

Getting Ready for Your Visit

On the day of the procedure consider having an adult (who knows how to drive with a valid driver’s license) to escort you to the appointment. If you chose to be sedated then a driver is required to be present at the appointment. Good luck with the tooth or teeth removal procedure and it will run smooth. For more information visit www.oralsurigcalarts.com

Dr. Ronald Achong is a Board Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon that specializes in removal of all types of teeth including wisdom teeth. Sedation is available for your comfort. Please contact our office with any questions. (352) 243-5599 Serving the Orlando and greater orlando area.

Orlando teeth removal

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