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No one loves having oral surgery. But I do love how easy it was at Dr. Achong’s practice. I have zero regrets about avoiding the increasing pain that would have resulted from doing nothing!

The friendly and relaxed attitude of his staff put me at total ease from the moment I walked in the door. I did not have to wait long to experience their calm, professional efficiency back in the treatment area. When I saw Dr. Achong, he immediately and confidently identified my problem, and yet he left the decision about treatment up to me.

Again, dental surgery is nothing to look forward to, but deadening is a marvelous thing. And because of the pre-deadening swab applied to my gums, the actual shot turned out to be a big nothing. This is what makes oral surgery do-able. You know something major is happening, but the physical sensations are just not there.

Dr. Achong addressed a problem that was only going to get worse and made it a non-issue. And again, his calm, matter of fact, friendly yet totally professional demeanor really took the edge off my procedure.

I recommend Dr. Achong for any oral surgery that may ever become necessary. We all hope it never comes to that, but when it does, it’s far better to let him take care of it rather than put up with a deteriorating, increasingly painful issue.

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