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Patient Reviews

Ross Bryan

I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Achong right before school started. The staff was nice and even listened to music with me while I was in the recovery area. The procedure was much easier than I thought. I was all healed up and returned to my summer job after just a few […]

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John Gaither

No one loves having oral surgery. But I do love how easy it was at Dr. Achong’s practice. I have zero regrets about avoiding the increasing pain that would have resulted from doing nothing! The friendly and relaxed attitude of his staff put me at total ease from the moment I walked in the door. […]

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Nick Adcock

A few weeks ago I started experiencing some pretty serious pain from a wisdom tooth, and after getting the run around from another dental facility, I was extremely fortunate to find myself at Dr. Achong’s office. We reviewed the X-ray, went over my options for anesthetic, and within a few days I was back for […]

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Julie Bennett

Had a wisdom tooth removed “late in life” after more than a year of unexplained facial and jaw pain. Standard Xrays did not reveal anything, so I was referred to Dr. Achong for evaluation. After just one (high-tech!) Xray, the problem was discovered immediately and he recommended removal with sedation. BEST ADVICE EVER. They scheduled […]

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Jessica Montes

At first I was terrified of going under and the pain that comes with an extraction as I heard it was prior to experience. The easiness and quickness of the whole experience was very surprising to me. Office is friendly and very quick and down to the point. A total of 2 visits about 25 […]

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Christopher Antompietri

“I had to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed at the same time. My Doctor for the procedure was Dr. Achong, he told me exactly needed to be done an he could do it right away. The next time I went in simple procedures just signing some papers an before I knew it […]

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Paige Summers

“Thanks to Dr. Achong my smile makes me proud again. I hate anything that has to do with Dentist/oral stuff. Dr. Achong made me feel very comfortable. His expertise in this field shows. His bedside manner was great. Now my son has had his wisdom teeth out by Dr. Achong and I will recommend him […]

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Laura J Lydon

“I had my wisdom teeth taken out by a different Clermont oral surgeon. That oral surgeon “broke” one of my permanent molars in the process of removing the wisdom teeth. Bad infection, loss of tooth. I was very upset about it. Dr. Achong removed my broken tooth, stitched the area perfectly, and reassured me while […]

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anthonyr, HAINES CITY, FL

“Friendly, Professional and Caring! A wonderful experience they were helpful in getting appt. set up and they bill the Ins. company. Dr. Achong and all of your staff… Thank you!”

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“Wonderful!!! This was a surprising experience for me. I was very nervous and everyone there was so kind. My surgery was over before I even thought they had started! It was wonderfully painless with no problems! Thanks to Dr Achong, and the whole staff for being so helpful.”  denar, SORRENTO, FL

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