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Dental Implant Patient Testimonial, Orlando and Kissimmee area.

Above is a dental implant patient testimonial. Here is the experience of a patient that had dental implant treatment. She decided NOT to have a bridge. See why.

“When I sleep at night I grind my teeth. I fractured my tooth. Anytime I ate something sweet, hot or cold, it will cause me pain. I didn’t smile as big because you can see the space on that side of my mouth. My dentist recommended a bridge which will hurt the adjacent teeth which I did not want to do. I knew about dental implants so I called Dr. Achong. I did research on google and when I came across Dr. Achong’s website, I realized he has gone to Harvard and he is a board certified oral surgeon. When I first arrived at Dr. Achong’s office I was nervous. When I met Dr. Achong he explained everything and I was very much at ease. I was very satisfied with the treatment Dr. Achong has provided for me. It changed my attitude. I am able to smile big and give presentations with confidence. I would recommend dental implants to everyone who needs them. It doesn’t hurt, it feels natural and it is easy.”

For more information on dental implants in the orlando or clermont area, please contact our office at (352)243-5599 or visit
Dr. Ronald Achong is an oral surgeon that provides dental implant services. Serving the Orlando and greater orlando area.

Dental Implants Orlando

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