Lost a tooth in Orlando? Replace that missing tooth. It is simple.

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You may be one of many Orlando patients who had a tooth extracted by a dentist? The tooth probably was decayed, infected, broken or causing severe pain and the tooth needed to be removed. Now there is space in between your teeth. Hopefully it is not a missing front tooth. If it is, then this will significantly affect your smile and you may not be able to chew properly. What if you could have a fresh start? What if you could have a permanent, natural looking tooth replacement that would restore your smile and retain the healthy bone and gum tissue around the tooth root? Dental implant treatment can achieve all of these goals easily. Yes, there are other options to replace a missing tooth or a set of teeth like a denture or a bridge. But the dental implant is the best option available.

With a dental implant from Ronald Achong DMD, MD in Orlando you can replace that lost tooth. A dental implant is a titanium post that is placed into the jaw bone to anchor a crown.  There are 3 parts to the process: the titanium post (dental implant), the abutment, and the restoration.

The Titanium Post
or Dental Implant— Placed directly into the jaw bone to serve as an anchor for teeth and is very stable. The titanium alloy is biologically friendly in the human body (titanium alloys are also used in prosthetic knee and hip replacement joints).

The Abutment
— This is a connector part that connects the dental implant to the future fabricated tooth or teeth.

The Restoration– This is the fabricated crown, bridge or a full set of teeth that is placed onto the abutment. There are many options for various types of teeth available today that look and feel natural.

Dental implant treatment is the best option currently available. The techniques have been performed by many oral surgeons like Dr. Ronald Achong and dentist for over 30 years.  To schedule a dental implant consultation in Orlando, call 352-243-5599.

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