Wisdom Teeth – What’s the Big Deal?

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Summer is almost here and many families take some time off for a well deserved vacation.   Congratulations!  Some families may use the available time in summer to have their wisdom teeth removed (recommended by their doctor). The removal of wisdom teeth to some is an elective procedure and not a necessary one.  Often, wisdom teeth can cause “trouble” for most people throughout their life if they are not removed.

Orlando Wisdom Teeth ExtractionsWhat kinds or problems can occur?

Wisdom teeth are often impacted, which means that they are “stuck” underneath the gums in the jawbone.   They may barely visible through the gums and this can create a food trap and an inlet for bacteria.   Consequently, this eventually would lead to an infection around the wisdom teeth which can be very painful.

Sometimes there is a lack of space in the jawbones to accommodate all of the teeth present.  On average, the jawbones can fit 28 adult teeth and not 32.   Due to the lack of space available, the wisdom teeth attempt to erupt into the mouth and may cause shifting of the adult teeth.   Some patients who have completed orthodontic treatment with a perfectly straight smile may want to consider having their wisdom teeth removed to prevent teeth shifting.

Most patients have hesitations and questions about wisdom teeth removal.   Contact our office so that we can answer any questions.  352-243-5599

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