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Headache Treatment

One in four households in America has a member who suffers from migraines. Migraines are three times more common in women than men and affect 30% of women at some point in their lifetime. Migraine headaches are one of life’s most common health complaints and there are numerous treatments to address the pain and side effects they cause. However, for the millions of Americans who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines these ailments are much more than a nuisance and relief can seem impossible to come by.
Countless people suffer from headaches and migraines on a weekly or even daily basis. For many years, common headache treatments have overlooked the role that the mouth, jaws and bite alignment can play in triggering this type of pain. At Oral-Facial Surgical Arts, Dr. Achong has taken an entirely new approach to diagnosing and treating chronic headaches and migraines.

Orlando Headache Treatment

The diagnostic process is unique in that it provides instant analysis of several different neuromuscular forces within the head and neck. Studies indicate that as many as 80 percent of all headaches are “dental force” related.

Similarly, disorders of the temporomandibular joint often cause headaches and migraines. There is no other joint in the body like the TMJ; it has a 360-degree range of movement and is responsible for perhaps more daily activity than any other joint. Together, these factors put the TMJ at great risk for physical disorders and malfunction. Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) causes frequent or severe headaches and migraines in many patients.

Get Rid of Headaches

Chronic headaches, migraines, tinnitus and other pains of the head, neck, face and jaw could be caused by improper or unbalanced dental forces. A painless examination by Dr. Achong can quickly determine if your symptoms can be resolved by the drug-free, needle-free and a non surgical treatment option.

Orlando Headache TreatmentHeadache disorders impose a recognizable burden on sufferers including sometimes substantial personal suffering, impaired quality of life and financial cost. Repeated headache attacks, and often the constant fear of the next one, damage family life, social life and employment. The long-term effort of coping with a chronic headache disorder may also predispose the individual to other illnesses. For example, depression is three times more common in people with migraine or severe headaches than in healthy individuals.

Dr. Achong is able to quickly examine your bite, range of motion of your jaw and neck, and show you the source of pain.The head and mouth are home to a myriad of nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and bones which affect not only your teeth, but your overall health and well-being. The forces, created by these elements, when not properly balanced, can result in symptoms including, chronic head, neck and face pain, clenching, grinding, tinnitus, broken teeth, clicking/popping of the jaw and numerous other symptoms.

The treatments provided are painless, pleasant and require no drugs or needles. Utilizing systems and methods perfected in sports medicine, Dr. Achong may be able to rapidly and painlessly resolve issues from which many patients have been suffering for years.

Many patients have already visited medical doctors, ear nose and throat specialists, neurologists and other less advanced dental offices without a diagnosis or pathway to care.

Prescription drugs, over the counter pain killers and anti-inflammatories are masking pain, not resolving the underlying problems. At Oral-Facial Surgical Arts, we are able to diagnose and treat your chronic headaches, migraines and tinnitus using the cutting-edge TruDenta system.

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