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What to ask your oral surgeon about wisdom teeth removal.

The removal of wisdom teeth is a routine and common procedure performed by Oral Surgeons. Often it is thought of as a dramatic and “terrible” experience. However, most patients have a great overall experience. It is understandable that patients and parents are anxious or may have doubts if undergoing a surgical dental procedure for the first time.

Orlando wisdom teeth removal

Discussing the procedure, expectations, time commitment, recovery, insurance coverage and after procedure instructions with the doctor and staff is effective in eliminating any anxiety or fear that may be present. Search for a doctor or an office that is willing to take the time to be committed to your child and/or yourself. Ask other patients if they had their wisdom teeth removed, was the experience satisfactory and who their doctor? Also, perform a google search for wisdom teeth removal in your city. Look for reviews or patient testimonials on the various offices. It is important to eliminate any doubts about the wisdom teeth procedure and sedation (if needed). Furthermore, it is essential to choose a doctor that you are comfortable with.

If you are unsure about just what to ask your oral surgeon about the wisdom teeth removal procedure, here are some questions that you can ask:

1) How long will the entire procedure take?
2) How many wisdom teeth need to be removed?
3) Have the impacted wisdom teeth damaged surrounding teeth?
4) Do you recommend sedation anesthesia?
5) What are the possible risks of the procedure?
6) What is the healing and recovery period for this procedure?
7) How do I prepare for the procedure?
8) What is the after care after the procedure?

These simple questions will help you be fully prepared for your procedure. Don’t forget to inquire about insurance coverage if there is any.

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