Why You Shouldn’t Ignore A Missing Tooth

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Missing tooth?  Once you lose a tooth, the immediate solution is to replace it, especially if it is a front tooth.  The options to replace a missing tooth are a partial denture, bridge or a dental implant.   But what happens, when you lose a tooth that is not visible whey you smile?  The tendency is generally to ignore it.

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However, any missing tooth can cause serious problems.  When we chew,a healthy tooth strengthens the quality of the bone: similar to how exercise protects against bone loss.  Furthermore, when a tooth is missing, healthy teeth tend to shift position towards the gap due to bone loss, affecting how our upper and lower teeth meet.

This may affect how we place pressure on the teeth when chewing, and have an impact on surrounding muscles and joints, resulting in pain and various other symptoms such as headaches or migraines.  Hence, each tooth plays an important role in ensuring that teeth in front of and behind it stay in alignment, and maintianing the health of the jaw bone.   Dental implants is the best option available to replace a missing tooth and it will prevent all of these potential problems.

Furthermore, when dental implants are present in the jaw bone, the bone volume of that area of the jaw bone is full and preserved.   This is important because the preserved jaw bone volume maintains the fullness of the face leading to a younger appearance.   Yes less wrinkles!  If you have a missing tooth, it is time to get a dental implant Orlando.  Ronald M. Achong DMD, MD is an experienced Oral Surgeon that provides dental implant treatment in Orlando and Clermont.

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