Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Shifting of Your Teeth

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Can Wisdom teeth cause shifting of other teeth?

Shifting of teeth – the pressure from erupting wisdom teeth can cause shifting of teeth eventually disrupting the natural alignment of your smile. What if you had orthorthodontic treatment (which is $$$$) and you now have the perfect smile? Your teeth are perfectly aligned and white. You definitely do not want your wisdom teeth to compromise all the hard work and money you have put into braces.

Wisdom teeth can cause shifting of other teeth.

Wisdom teeth can cause shifting of other teeth.

Can you believe that this patient had perfectly straight teeth at one time! She got her braces off 2 years ago but never had her wisdom teeth removed. Her wisdom teeth unfortunately caused shifting of her teeth. Look at how misaligned her front teeth are. This patient went back into braces for the 2nd time to realign her teeth. Having the wisdom teeth removed earlier could have prevented this.

Writtern by Ronald Achong DMD, MD 352-243-5599

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